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Transactions are increasingly multifaceted, and competition is intense among private equity firms and other investors. Experience, speed, and the ability to innovate have become more important than ever. A one-stop-shop for private equity, our team is a highly integrated, multi-disciplinary group with lawyers who know how to get deals done. We provide clients with seamless service and deep industry experience, even on the most complex of mandates involving multiple specialties.

Private equity investors invest their monies and expect returns and an exit provision after a certain period of time An investor may get return in two ways – one by profit sharing and one by transfer of its holding. We negotiate private equity transactions for our clients to have such exit rights. A company seeking private equity may require furtherfunding at a later stage. In such further funding, we negotiate the rights of an investor to maintain its shareholding. Additionally, even though Alternate Investment Funds do not specifically form a part of Private Equity, we advise funds in acquiring stake in an entity. Our lawyers advise you on structuring and presenting bids, negotiating, and drafting acquisition agreements and financing documents, offering guidance and insight right through to the end of the transaction. From groundbreaking, monumental acquisitions to smaller strategic add-on deals, our private equity teams have implemented transactions with precision and care for established institutions, entrepreneurs, and emerging visionaries alike.

When structuring a transaction, we begin by thoroughly evaluating the investment under consideration and acquisition proposals with value-add in mind.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with sound solutions and first-rate representation in every major area of law and industry. We know the private equity world. We are experienced at all levels of the capital structure, and offer clients dedicated and focused teams, regardless of where in the capital structure you are investing or exiting.

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